Company Profile

Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent and high quality service by making sure that their goods will be delivered in time with no delays and with very competitive costs.

The high standards of efficiency and effectiveness are reached mainly due to our experienced staff and our new technology software and systems. Furthermore our fresh ideas in accordance with our experience will lead our new born company to achieve it’s goals and create a competitive advantage over its competitors.

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The company can promise that its customers will enjoy high satisfaction by using its services. Shipping from and to all over the world by Sea or By Air, Warehousing & Logistics, Marine Insurance, Customs Clearance, Door Delivery, are our main activities among others.

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About Us

The loyalty of the customers that are supporting Mrs. Charalambous for years now, can prove the reliability that an importer can enjoy by using our services. The confidence they have shown to us is highly appreciated and we would like to thank them all for their support.

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